Retro One Thing 02/15/2013

He is so powerful, but His heart is so tender. This is what I’ve come to discover about Him over the years. The character Aslan, in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ series, is such a good description of our Lord. He is the Lion of Judah, but He is almost always referred to as the Slain Lamb in the Book of the Revelation. With His word He spoke all things into existence, and by His word He holds all things together, and yet He is full of mercy and compassion when I come before Him for forgiveness inner healing.

We have to remember that He has never forgotten that we are Dust. We are the ones who forget that. Even when we grieve Him, maybe even more, He longs for us. His desire to make us whole consumes Him. When we first came to Him He didn’t begin a fresh count of our sins that He could use against us, instead, He knew He was taking on a project that required His patience and healing. He was delighted that we offered Him our lives, even though broken and messy. He rejoiced in our desire to learn to love Him and serve Him, so in faith and tenderness He began His work of redemption, committed to our wholeness.

In light of all of that, do you really think that when you come to Him in need of new healing and forgiveness, He will show His teeth, and turn you away, feeling rejected. Instead, He of course will welcome you, because your coming to Him says that you still long to be whole, and you still long to love Him more. Broken, run into the arms of our Gentile Giant.