Beware of the Bear 9/25/17

Beware of the Bear There has been so much news lately about North Korea and things like that, but Russia has been flying under the radar.  I believe there is about to be some big news related to Russian. Whenever the Lord gives words like that, it’s usually just to remind us that when things […]

Pray for China 1/4/17

I believe that China is about to make a move. I don’t know what that means, maybe some kind of news event, some big thing they are going to do, some decision they are going to make.  It can either a good move or a bad move, and intercession can make the difference.    It […]

Moving Targets 11/30/16

Monday morning during prayer I heard the Lord speak to me “Moving Targets.” Planes, trains, and buses, are going to be targeted as second heaven plans. Also, I saw cars being used as weapons of destruction. I know that is a weapon and not a target, but that is what I saw, and heard. I […]

Major Shifts in The East 1/7/15

I actually got this word yesterday. I believe there are going to be some major shifts in the Far East Geopolitically, and thus economically in the next season, (possibly the next 6 months or so) that could have ripple affects in a number of arenas around the world. Pray for political and economic ripples to […]