Recommended Reading

From Chuck Jones


The Saving Life of Christ

The Normal Christian Life

Victory in Christ

The Law of Liberty in the Spiritual Life

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

The Calvary Road

Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire

The Pursuit of God

Listening Prayer

Compelled by Love

What is the Point

When Heaven Invades Earth

Ian Thomas

Watchman Nee

Charles Trumbull

Evan H. Hopkins

Hudson Taylor

Roy Hession

Mother Teresa

A.W. Tozer

Leanne Payne

Heidi Baker

Misty Edwards

Bill Johnson

From Craig Stull


Restoring the Christian Soul

Healing Presence

Crisis in Masculinity

Healing the Wounded Spirit

Deliverance from Evil Spirits


Inner Healing Through Healing of Memories

Favor: The Road To Success

Our Heavenly Father

Leanne Payne

Leanne Payne

Leanne Payne

John & Paula Sanford

Francis MacNutt

Francis MacNutt

Betty Tapscott

Bob Buess

Robert C. Frost