Prophetic Word: Alliances 1/29/18

We are coming into a season of alliances where the Lord is going to be calling people, churches, Christian businesses, and even denominations to form alliances so that his purposes can be accelerated in manifestation. Now is not the time to continue to go it alone, for only in holy partnership will you be able […]

Prophetic word. “Scandinavian Scandal”

For about five days now, I keep hearing two words over and over again; “Scandinavian Scandal.” I’ve been waiting to post this word hoping that I would get more detail and insight, but those are the only two words I’m getting. I really don’t know what this is all about except that it’s important enough […]

The Beginning of Everything Fitting 1/4/2018

I normally give words at the beginning of Advent for the year to come because Advent is the beginning of the Christian year.  But I’ve shied away in recent years from giving “the yearly word” because I think we are clocking God by doing that, as if He is on some timer and governed by […]

Beware of the Bear 9/25/17

Beware of the Bear There has been so much news lately about North Korea and things like that, but Russia has been flying under the radar.  I believe there is about to be some big news related to Russian. Whenever the Lord gives words like that, it’s usually just to remind us that when things […]

The Bigger Story 08/14/2017

This is a follow up word to the one I gave last week, almost a twin word. God spoke to me really clearly this morning (08/14/2017), especially in light of the tragic things that happened over the last few days in Virginia. Again, and again what we are seeing constantly manifested before us on the […]

What God Is Doing With His Bride 08/03/2017

We find ourselves in a season in this country, the USA, where there is so much division and battle about our government; so many things that people agree with and disagree with.  It’s really the closest thing to civil war, and I don’t mean that in terms of people taking up guns, but emotionally, spiritually, […]