3/7/17 The Perez Blessing- Reiteration and further Explanation of the Perez Blessing

In Ruth chapter 4 when Boaz made the transaction to redeem Naomi and Ruth and all that belonged to Naomi, the elders and the council around them spoke three blessings over the household of Boaz. The third and final blessing is found in verse 12 The third blessing is at their house would be like […]

Season of Epiphanies 1/4/17

The word epiphany means a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something.  The Greek word epiphany means manifestation.  When we as believers speak of epiphany, what we are talking about is encounter and in encountering Him, He does something that changes your perspective about things and it creates a shift […]

Everything is Pivoting  3/10/15

A couple of weeks ago as I was walking into a room, the Lord spoke a clear word to me. He said “Everything on the earth is pivoting.”The word Pivot means “A short rod or shaft on which a related part rotates or swings.” The word pivoting means “To cause to rotate, revolve, or turn.” […]