Ron Roberts


Revival Missionary to East Africa

“After some days Paul said to Barnabas, ‘Let us return and visit the brethren in every city
in which we proclaimed the word of the Lord, and see how they are.’” (Acts 15:36)


My Story

Ron-circle-2I’ve been a Christian since my twenties and I saw some amazing displays of the power of God in my early days as a “Jesus freak” but, later, chose a “non-radical” Christian walk for many years. Later I experienced the overwhelming love of God as He drew me back to Himself and began reviving my heart and life. But in my mid fifties, I begin to feel like there was still something missing in my Christian life.

I was working as a carpenter and serving as a deacon in a wonderful inner-city church but there was still something missing. I gradually realized that the “something” was the adventure of living in faith while trying to live out the Gospel. I found that my life was very comfortable, needing very little of the out-there, life-on-the-edge kind of faith that I saw in the gospels and the book of acts. I had discovered ways to protect myself from the call to take up my cross and die daily, to loss my life that I might find it.

God began to change my heart and even my mind to have a deep longing to live out a life of radical love for Him, to want to run after Him where ever He was. Since our God is such a loving father, I felt like I had choices. I could stay were I was and His love would never change. He would shower blessing on me and I would have a good life serving His church right were I was. Or, I could go on the greatest adventure of my life where He would let me walk hand in hand with Him and come to know Him as the love of my life and as my friend. He would answer the cry of my heart to know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to His death (Phil. 3:10). I knew that only God could give me the faith and desire to leave my nets of protection and comfort to follow after Him in this way.

After two trips to east Africa, I had made my choice to radically follow after Him and I had found the place where I needed to go to live it out. So in June 2013, with my Bishop’s (Chuck Jones) blessing, I left my life in America and set out to know Him and to run after Him like never before. I began serving churches in Uganda and getting to know our brothers and sisters there.

In 2014, I spent several months back in Selma, AL serving Chuck Jones and being a part of the Christ-like ministry (preaching the Word, healing the sick, prophesying and loving people right where they are) that takes place every weekday and Sunday at Cathedral of Christ the King. I witnesses the birth of the vision for Aslan Roars as a ministry igniting revival and found that my personal journey to know the Lord was also a part of His larger purposes. In March 2014, I began my return to Africa with a two week revival trip to Uganda and Tanzania with Chuck and a powerful team. People were saved, hundreds healed and many more encouraged by the love and power of Jesus. As I continue my pursuit of God, I find myself fanning the flames of the revivals He started from that trip.

Like Paul I don’t think or feel like I’ve arrived, instead I feel like I’ve just begun. I feel like I’m the luckiest and most blessed guy on the face of this earth. I get to see our Lord do amazing things. I get to see the gospel come alive, change lives, and set people free. I get to see the power of His resurrection at work!

So now I travel around east Africa encouraging my brothers and sister to run after Jesus and to experience His wonderful resurrection power in their lives. Yep the luckiest and most blessed guy on the face of the earth!