Karen Welch


Ministry Director and Traveling Missionary

“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.” (I Thessalonians 5:11)


My Story

Karen-circleI was raised in church. Saved and baptized at a young age and went my way on into life. But in my mid-twenties, God got a hold of me and I began to grow in my relationship with Him. He became the acknowledged leader of my life.

I took the plunge and entered “full-time” ministry in February 1996. For almost 18 years, I was mostly behind the scenes serving and ministering. During these years, I learned much about the love of God, hearing His voice and trusting Him to be my sole provider for direction, resources and finances.

In 2008, God had me search deep to find words to articulate the desire of my heart for ministry and the answer to the question, “If money wasn’t a consideration, what would you do?” My hard sought after answer? “I would travel the world to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ!” This was an interesting answer since I had never been out of the country to minister. However, within 3 years, God “made a way where there was no way” for me to live with a native Ugandan minister and his family for four weeks in Bundibugyo, Uganda near the DRCongo border. A year later, God opened the door for me to minister with Ron Roberts in South Sudan and Uganda for 5 weeks.

After both of these trips, I had many questions. How can we really help? Did we make a difference? What do they really need…because money is just a drop in a leaky bucket it seems? But even without the answers to these questions, I knew I wanted to continue to go whenever God opened doors. I loved these people and loved being with them!!

At the end of 2013, God led me to resign from my ministry position with no word as to what I would do next or how God planned to provide for me. A month later, Chuck Jones shared his vision for expanding Aslan Roars into a ministry for igniting sustainable revival and invited me to join him in establishing it. As I heard Chuck talk more about the vision, it clicked!! This is what they need!!! Revival is what I want to take to our brothers and sisters where ever I go!!! This is why I go!!!  I knew that God had created this position just for me and had called me out of my previous ministry at just the right time to be available for this new ministry.

I am so excited about being a part of sharing the revival fires that God is pouring out! Christians being revived to live out Christ-like lives marked by holiness and power filled ministry – the lives we were always intended to live – this is what will makes a difference for my friends in Africa. This is what will make a difference in churches in America. This is what will change communities anywhere. And I want to share it in person and on the internet, at home and abroad, through whatever means available and always powered by the Holy Spirit.