One Thing 5/17/17

Ps.40:8, “I delight to do thy will, oh my God..”
Obedience is loves grateful response to love. Obedience is loves reward, and the obedience of love is the only reward Jesus wants from us. When my children were little they were the most thrilled when I brought them prizes. Everybody loves a prize, and our obedience of love, in response to love, is the prize that thrills God’s heart. Does the idea of pleasing Him bring great childlike delight to your heart.
Psa. 119:20, “My soul is crushed with longing after Your ordinances at all times.”
I think the greatest breakthrough of all is when we breakthrough into His banqueting hall. Those words “banqueting hall,” or “banqueting table” in Song of Solomon 2:4, is literally in the Hebrew “house of wine.” It was a banqueting hall, that is a place of festive celebration, where the best wine was kept and served. When our King of Grace brings us into that place where His banner of love becomes the banner that waves over us, our hearts and lives, filled with the wine of His love, become lovesick. Love sickness always finds its release and outlet in joy filled extravagant obedience. True obedience is a delight, that awakens more love. There is something about love that awakens more love. It’s the delight that does it. To delight in delighting another for loves sake, awakens greater delight in our hearts to ravish the object of our service with more joy filled delight. We find that we are no longer doing things for Him, but are in instead doing things to Him that seem to cause His heart to faint with ravished delight. Of course our days are filled with wonderful opportunities to joyfully do what He says, and to do with giddy worship those things that we know brings Him joy; to take, with delight, what He gives, moment by moment, and to give, with delight what He takes.