Holy Reflux 9/13/16

The Lord spoke to me and said that we were coming in to a “reflux” anointing. Look below at the Webster’s dictionary meaning of the word reflux.

Reflux (rē′flŭks′)
1. A flowing back; ebb.

It comes from an ancient word which means to “re-flow.”

Throughout the history of the church there have been different anointing flows that have manifested themselves at different seasons. There has been the “evangelism” anointing; “healing” anointing; “signs and wonders” anointing; “governmental” anointing; “sacramental” anointing; “theological” anointing; “holiness” anointing; “repentance” anointing; “deeper life” anointing; “faith” anointing; “prophetic” anointing, “scripture” anointing, etc. There have been others, and all of these anointings have been part of the church at all times throughout its history, but at different times these particular anointing’s have been particularly emphasized by the Holy Spirit. What I believe the Holy Spirit is saying at this time in church history is that all of these anointings will “reflux” at the highest level during this time of outpouring. Nothing will be left out. People will know longer be able to simply “camp out” in their favorite anointing, while judging others in the spirit of division. We’re going to discover that all the Holy Spirit does, at the highest level, is Jesus’s favorite. We are going to celebrate and dance around the banner of “fullness.” There is going to be, and is already starting to be a “holy reflux.” It is the time for the church to discover that “Christ is all, and in all.” We won’t have to spend as much time reading history about the different anointing’s; instead, we will be making history.