You Have to Come Out of The Closet 5/23/12

In Matt. 6, the place of prayer and intimacy is referred to as “your closet.” Of course it doesn’t have to be a literal closet, but it is that venue where you linger in His presence, beholding His beauty and worship Him. Colossians 3, says that we are to keep seeking the things above where Christ is, and to set our affections on the things above, because that’s not only where we encounter Him, but also where we will find our true identity which is hidden with Christ in God. Only in the Closet will you discover who you truly are as the New Self, the Lover and Carrier of His presence. Acts 17:27-28, says that we should seek Him, for in Him we live and move and have our being. I find who I am as a human being in His presence. I become fully alive in the presence of His radiant face and glory. The actual translation in verse 28 is, “In Him we live and move and ARE, or BECOME.” In the closet we become, and from that place the real you comes forth. Again, it’s in that place of intimacy where we are adorned with our true identity as Lovers of God. The Lord is saying it is time to find our closets so that He can transform us, so that we can constantly come out of that place being the Lovers and the Presence Bearers we were created to be. God is saying, ‘In this season find your Closet and find yourself in finding Me, so that the real you can come out of the Closet.”