The Simplicity of being a Follower 8/16/11

About a week ago, the Lord began to speak strongly to me about being a follower. One of the things about being a followers is that it simplifies life a great deal. You just have to follow. It takes a lot of stress off. We are in a time where people are being confronted with a lot of serious decisions that have a lot at stake. The whole world system is being shaken and there is much uncertainty every where around us. As believers we have to be careful to not fall into the spirit of fear that consuming so many. “Fretting only leads to evildoing”. It’s real easy to give into fear and anxiety because there is so much at stake, and making a mistake could be very costly. You can feel the growing pressure in the atmosphere. The wonderful thing about being a follower is that we don’t have to live in that kind of fear. The Lord said to me, “Tell them that they don’t have any decisions to make;only instructions to obey”. that is so liberating. The stress is on Him. My only job is to follow. He knows where He is headed and and all I have to do is follow and enjoy the adventure of His presence and see what’s happening when we get there. The good news is that wherever He is headed,he has already been. This is a time where many will enter into the freedom of simply FOLLOWING.