The Beginning of Everything Fitting 1/4/2018

I normally give words at the beginning of Advent for the year to come because Advent is the beginning of the Christian year.  But I’ve shied away in recent years from giving “the yearly word” because I think we are clocking God by doing that, as if He is on some timer and governed by the secular clock.  I believe that “seasons” are a better term.  Often God will give a word at the beginning of a time and yet at the end of that year, it’s not over.  God is still doing and our tendency is to drop the last word to go after the new word.  So, I’m not against giving words for the year but I say be warned because sometimes, many times, God gives a word and it doesn’t last for 12 months then go away to be replaced by another one. God just adds layers onto the things He is already doing and saying.

One of the things that I do believe that God has said is that we are moving into at time, beginning in this year, 2018, where you are going to BEGIN to see everything click, everything fit, everything come together.  The pieces are going to all come together.

I know that’s kind of a broad word but many of you have been believing for certain things, or there have been some areas in your lives; relationships that are broken or shattered; there’s been partial healing or reconciliation, or it could be in other arenas, but the Lord, I believe, is saying that you are going to see everything fitting.  It doesn’t mean that will be the case for everything in your life but for the things that have been real priorities in your heart, you will see the beginning of everything fitting, everything clicking, everything coming together, in this time.