Sydney, Austrailia. 8/5/11

Sydney, Australia (7-28-11)


The name Sydney, that Sydney, Australia was named after was a result of the explorer from England, Arthur Phillip, who discovered the area which is now called Sydney.  He named it after Lord Sydney, Thomas Townsend, the Secretary of State in England.  It later became known as Sydney Town.  His name was derived from a village in France, in Normandy called Saint Denis. St. Denis was a third century martyr who was the Bishop of Paris.  The story of St. Denis is that he was beheaded by the emperor of Rome in one of the persecutions that affected the church.  He was so anointed that when they cut his head off, he stooped down and picked up his head and put it under his arm and walked about 10 kilometers preaching the gospel the whole time.  That’s a powerful heritage for Sydney. So there are a couple of things that I sense about Sydney.  One, I believe they are very vulnerable to a terrorist attack of some sort.  So there’s a calling to pray for Sydney, Australia and its protection.  I think they are particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks that may come from Indonesia or those parts of the world.  There’s also a strong anointing on Sydney right now to preach the gospel, to hunt for souls.  God has answered the prayers of intercessors for years and there’s a real anointing on the people of Sydney for their ears to be open to the gospel, and souls are very vulnerable right now to Jesus.  We’re going to see a harvest of many people coming to Christ in Sydney, Australia.  God’s going to use it as a launching pad out to the rest of the continent and the country, but we’re to pray for a great harvest of souls in Sydney, Australia, that the gospel would be preached and that nothing can stop it from happening.  Also pray against the counterassault from the enemy, which will manifest itself in the natural as some kind of terrorist attack.  This could be a second heaven plan that God revealed so that our prayer can stop it from happening.  It’s important that we stand with Sydney, Australia right now.