Slaying the Anointing

6/5 Slaying the anointing
This was an open vision where I saw the devil who looked exactly like the red devil on a can of deviled ham. He was totally red, you could hardly make out facial features, he had horns, a long red spiked tail and had a spear in his hand. In the vision, on the ground before the devil, was a yellow figure, shaped like one of those figures in a crime scene representation, when someone has died on the ground. The devil was about to spear this figure because he was laying down before him, obviously in submission and in hopelessness. The Lord showed me that yellow is the color of anointing and the devil is dressed in red, which is the color of fear, and fear is the great anointing slayer. Whenever someone gives in to fear, that’s the enemy’s way of stopping him from walking in the anointing, because you can’t walk in the anointing and live in fear at the same time. One of the old classic statements that I certainly didn’t make up that I heard years ago concerning living in the anointing, was that fruit happens out on a limb. If you are afraid of being rejected, if you are afraid of what people are going to think about you, if you are afraid of failing, if you are afraid of being embarrassed, if you are walking in fear at all, that is the devil slaying your ability to live in the anointing. Fear is the great weapon that the enemy uses to slay the anointing in all of us.