Seniority citizens

Seniority citizens

June 7, 2011 

In the spirit of adventure and holy exploration, many on this continent will ascend the highest peaks in the spirit. They will reach places no one has ever been to before in North America. It is time for new heroes and heroines to rise up and scale new heights that have never been reached before in our culture.

It is time to ascend to new summits. In this season, we will stop reading about Saints that have gone before us, longing for their vision and their summits. It is time for new books to be written on this continent, and for new stories to be told. It is time to write new chapters, to do your own spiritual autobiography, for your story to be told that will inspire others to climb and ascend summits in the spirit that they thought could never be reached, especially by them.

You would think this word for the young and of course, the young are invited. But this is a word for those over 50 who have settled down in their hearts and no longer dream of the highest peaks. God is raising up seasoned explorer warriors who will shake off weariness and fear, regardless of apathy, who had increasingly thought about a life of ease and retirement, comfort and safety, who thought adventure is only for the young, something for a past season in their life. God is putting in the hearts of these experienced adventurers the desire to rise up, climb and explore again, risking all. This is the time to reach those summits they only dreamt about, but had lost hope of ever reaching. God says “You will reach the high one this time and the One who sits on high. The highly exalted one will be your accomplishment. There will be challenges, but you will transcend them all. In the spirit of Moses, you spiritual seniority citizens of the kingdom will go forth with the wisdom of experience in your bones, the fire of God in your hearts, a vision of Christ in your eyes, the word of the Lord in your ears, and ascend the highest summits of the kingdom of God. You will make headlines in the spirit that will inspire countless others to stand up with hope in their hearts and raise their eyes to the possibility of exploits only imagined”.

I am aware of all the words over the past decade or so about God raising up an army of young people and I affirm those words completely. But God is saying something to those over the age of 50.