Rise of the Commoners

Word on the Royal Wedding

The week of the Royal Wedding, maybe a day or two before, somebody asked me if I had a prophetic word about it and I laughed because I hadn’t given it much though.  Besides, it was also the week of all the horrific tornadoes here in Alabama.  But actually on that Friday evening, the Lord did give me a word, a very simple one and I didn’t even know the names of the people involved with the wedding, but I do know this: that the prince married a commoner and what the Lord spoke to me is this; that in the prophetic, it was the day of the raising up of the commoners.
Years ago, it could be as many as 20 years ago, I’m not really sure, there was a prophetic word that came forth from credible and significant people that the day of the “superstars” was over.  The Lord was raising up people who were not recognizable, people who were not necessarily famous, but He was raising up common people (they didn’t use common) but raising up ordinary believers to impact the earth and manifest the kingdom of God in profound ways.  What I believe the Lord said was that now, in really significant ways, we were seeing that word come to pass.  And that in this royal wedding where the prince (and future king) married a commoner, this signified that Jesus Christ is raising up commoners, just broken people, who were desperate for Him and absolutely dependant on Him, people the world doesn’t know and no one’s heard of, but are highly esteemed in heaven.  These are the people that God is going to be using to manifest the kingdom of God  on earth in extravagant ways.  These are the ones God is going to raise up to speak profound prophetic things and God is raising up thousands and thousands of “commoners” who the world would see as average people, to use them in profound ways.