Red kites 06.12.13

I keep seeing kites – red kites being flown by bears, and I have also had a burden for Russia.  When Benjamin Franklin flew his kite he attracted electricity.  Although Russia is no longer communist (red), there is a real heart among some of the most powerful leaders especially Vladimir Putin, to restore them to a communist model that looks a lot like China since they have been so prosperous.  I believe those leaders are out there flying kites, kind of probing to see if lightning will strike.  They are looking to put it into the hearts of the people again, or enough of the people to move back towards communism.  In other words there is this probing like flying kites to see if they can push towards being a more red state again.  Where there is some tolerance for religion, they are trying to use China as an example of how to prosper since a western democratic model doesn’t work for them.  We need to pray the Lord block this move that is going on behind the scenes to move them back towards a red state.