Prophetic Word: Alliances 1/29/18

We are coming into a season of alliances where the Lord is going to be calling people, churches, Christian businesses, and even denominations to form alliances so that his purposes can be accelerated in manifestation. Now is not the time to continue to go it alone, for only in holy partnership will you be able to break through into the anointing God has already prepared for you. The season for self protection and the fear of vision being compromised is coming to an end. We are so often afraid to come into alliance with others because we want to keep the vision God’s given us pure, but I believe the Holy Spirit is saying that the alliances will bring about a purity, because they can only happen in the context of humility and faith, which is the foundation from which purity flows.

In these alliances, though the enemy may be telling you that you’ll have to compromise, I believe the Lord is saying that you’ll actually be completed. Things that are missing will not be missing any longer in this time of completion and fullness, as the Lord gently brings us to the place where we can lay down our control. Do not let fear continue to steal from you, and those you’ve been given stewardship over, simply because you can’t see all the details. I believe that leaders will be graced to lead in one moment, and then to follow in the next, only to lead again the next moment, and then to follow again.

It’s not your message, but His message that God wants to promote, and no matter how strongly you feel about the message God has given you, no man has the total message, and therefore alliances are necessary. Ephesians says that we are called to speak the truth in love, and the time of promoting our messages in the spirit of arrogance and condescension is coming to a glorious end. It will take the server heart love of Jesus to walk out these alliances, because as you continue to speak the truth that God is given to you in love, it will be love that will free you to celebrate the parts that other people have to share. For too many years purity has been the excuse for division, but sadly, division has been the reason for much of the impurity the people of God have walked in.

Look for simple alliances among acquaintances and neighbors. There will be business opportunities through alliances that will be God’s saving grace for some to be able to continue financially and prosper for the advancement of the kingdom. Churches will not just share buildings but resources and leaders at an extravagant level. Anytime the Lord releases something on the earth the enemy comes and tries to steal and destroy, and counterfeit, so trust the Holy Spirit in leading you into alliances. Look for them, but be discerning and trust the Holy Spirit’s leadership. Don’t be afraid, just be discerning, and if your heart is right, even if you should get it wrong, you can trust that your Heavenly Father will make it right.