One Thing 8/6/13

I’ve been thinking about Anna again today. What a hero, and spiritual mentor she has been to me. She lived such a Lovesick Life. I so long to have her longing, burning heart for God. I’ve always imagined her to be one of the most beautiful women who ever lived. I don’t have a clue what she looked like physically. She may, like Jesus, have not been that attractive according to the worlds standards, but like Jesus, I’m convinced she was extraordinarily attractive because she was adorned with the beauty, and radiance of God. As a young woman she suffered a great loss when her husband died, and she in light of that tragedy could have turned to the ugliness of anger, regret, despair, hopelessness, and bitterness. Instead, she turned to seek The Lord, and spent the next 60 years or more, beholding the beauty of The Lord. Even though she had lost her great love, and all of her youthful dreams, she found the love of her life and spent the rest of her days adoring Him, lost in love. Sometimes we don’t realize that He is all we need until He is all we’ve got. When we do, we soon discover how totally fascinating and satisfying He is. If you, like Anna have suffered a great loss and disappointment in life. If all your dreams have been dashed then remember sometimes He takes away our wildest dreams to give us the true desire of our heart.