One Thing 8/26/12

Purify all! Make all a perfect holocaust! May every pulsation of my heart be a Spiritual Communion, every look and thought an act of love, every action a sweet sacrifice, every word an arrow of Divine love, every step an advance toward Jesus.

This is part of a very old prayer that I pray daily. When we think of the word ‘holocaust’ lots of images come to mind, but the word means “wholly burnt” as in Burnt Offering. It’s the Holy Cost of a holy life; a life set apart out of love for Him. It is to be a whole Burnt Offering on the altar of His great love. To be completely consumed by the white hot love of God is at the heart of a holy life, that is joyFULLY set apart for Him. It’s a word that is so descriptive of a first commandment life. Of course as Romans 12:1 says, it is our only reasonable response to His sacrificial love. On the Cross, He became a whole burnt offering for us, and as the flames of Divine Love consumed Him His cry of “I Thirst” pierced the atmosphere. In light of His sacrifice of love, He was crying out for love to be returned with impassioned sacrifice, so His thirsty heart to love and be loved could be satiated. Psalm 69 asks the question, “Will we be that one”, who quenches His thirsting heart for love. That little prayer is my heart cry, that I hope pierces the atmosphere of apathy and complacency in my own life, TO BE THAT ONE. Will I, will you, will we “Be That One?”