One Thing 8/23/12

The last couple of nights I’ve been sleeping on a bed with memory foam. Memory foam is so true to its name. No matter how long you lay on it, or how much pressure you put on it, it goes right back to the shape it was before. Our memories are just like that; no matter what you do, our memories are there affecting us, not just our past but the grid through which we perceive our present, and anticipate our future. It has been said that neurosis is nothing more than frozen pain; the way we feel in the present, and thus the way we interpret reality, is through some pain that found entry into our lives from some event, or series of events in the past. An example would be that if you have a tendency to interpret people’s behavior in relationship to you through the eyes of rejection, it’s almost certain that in your past you experienced real overt, or covert rejection in some significant relationship. Another example would be if you fear abandonment from people or God, it’s likely because through some trauma in your childhood you felt abandoned. This often happens when there is divorce. Kids will many times quietly believe that it’s somehow their fault, so they fear imperfect behavior on their part could result in God or others abandoning them in the now. This truth can be applied to almost every negative sin pattern in your behavior or thought life. Like memory foam, no matter how much pressure you put on yourself to think and feel different, it just keeps coming back. I’ve watched sincere Christians who have walked with the Lord for many years live in unnecessary constant drama because of unhealed memories. As a matter if fact, left unhealed the drama just gets worse as time goes by. The answer of course is that timeless Jesus, who was there when all the memories and original pain occurred, is able to make your history HIS-STORY. Jesus won’t change your memories, He’ll just baptize them into His truth, His reality realm, thus transforming them and setting you free from the pain, and the reality grid through which you interpret life and God. At the heart of HIS-STORY about your life is that He is a Redeemer, and He is causing (not the cause of) everything to work together for our good (His redemptive purposes). He is the light of life. Invite Him to shine His light on those frozen memories so you can be healed. If you’re not sure what they are, ask Him, He will show you. He was always there wanting to heal you, and set you free. It’s not too late. The Healer of Our Souls is timeless and has been waiting with healing in His wings.