One Thing 7/21/13

Often over the years when people have come to me desperate for some relief from the misery they are in. I will probe to see how ready they are to let go of the reigns of their life and allow Jesus to totally take sovereign control of their story and make it His. I’ll ask them if they are prepared to renounce their ability and to start depending on Him alone, and His adequacy. During the conversation it can become clear that they want Christ to help but not take over. At that point Il’ll simply tell them to go home and pray it gets worse so that it will get so bad that they will be willing to let go, so hat they can start to experience the signs and wonders of the Life He lives. Jesus is a Sovereign King and He will not share the reigns. He doesn’t want to be your co-pilot. He is not here to prop you up, instead He is here to take you down into death and then Raise you up in union with His Risen Life, participating in the power of Resurrection, setting you free from the puny power of human self will and determination. If you are miserable and yet you aren’t ready to renounce your will and your ability n exchange for His, then maybe it’s time for you to pray its gets worse so you can’t get set free.