One Thing 7/12/12

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” One of the things that always happens to me when I get still and linger in His presence is that I’m reminded that He is God. “In His light, we see light.” In other words, in His presence everything clears up. At His footstool all those things in my life, whether they be circumstances or inner struggles, that seemed so overwhelming, become so small. I’m reminded that He is God, not that situation, or person, who seems to have so much power over my well being, or my flesh. I find myself not just being still so I can behold His beauty and hear His voice, but becoming still on the inside as as a result of hearing His voice, and seeing His wonderful face. In those moments I’m also reminded that He is God and not me. The rebellion and self will in me melts away as the sounds of worship rise up within me in response to His greatness and goodness. His beauty imprisons me to His will every time. What a glorious imprisonment. Being still long enough for Him to remind you that He is God is one of the most important, and liberating things you can do. There is nothing like being overwhelmed by His reality. He is the truth, and being in His presence therefore always sets you free.