One Thing 6/7/12

“Problems are opportunities dressed up in Overalls.” That’s a quote from a dear friend of many years ago, and it’s so true. This fallen world is full of stuff God never intended for us to deal with, but He is so beyond brilliant that He turns the table on the devil by using all the stuff to transform us. Problems are attention getters, especially the crises kind of problems. The devil hopes that they will get our attention so we will panic and live in fear. God hopes that in getting our attention we will discover Him and walk in faith. God’s desire is that in each problem we will seek Him, and live continually renewed and refreshed in His presence (armed in His presence Num.32:32), and discover once again that every problem is a promise of provision that already exist, even if we can’t see it with our physical eyes yet. God created air before He created lungs. He didn’t create lungs, and then say hold your breath until I create air. He created the supply before He allowed the need. A need is proof that the supply (provision) is already there. Need just gives us opportunity to live by faith, which taps us into the supernatural provision of God. Wow! Presence and Provision. Thanks Problem for the Opportunities.