One Thing 6/25/12

Been out of pocket for a few days. That will happen from time to time.

Just as David explained his “One Thing” life in Psalm 27:4, Paul explained his life in 2Corinthians 5:14, where he said he was “controlled by the love of Christ.” He was trying to explain his behavior to the Corinthians and that was his explanation for why he lived the way he lived, why he behaved the way he behaved. The word controlled is translated “taken” in Luke 4:38 in the KJV. After studying that word, I believe “taken” really captures the true meaning. The love of Jesus had TAKEN him. He was its captive, and was now imprisoned by it. His love relationship with Jesus compelled his every thought, and action. He was totally controlled by it. This is certainly a great description of the 1st commandment life. When Jesus breaks in and steals your heart, you are lost to everything you ever used to be. The people around you will wonder what has happened to the old person they used to know. Your extravagant, and excessive behavior for the sake of Christ might even disturb them. Your radical wholeheartedness might seem over the top to some. Your only explanation to them is that your aren’t over the top, but instead you are head over heels in love with Jesus. You’ve been TAKEN, and there is no hope for escape. You’ve been captured and captivated by the lover of your soul. You have joined the Fellowship of The Burning Heart.