One Thing 5/15/12

110 The Lord says to my Lord:
“ Sit at My right hand
Until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet.”
2 The Lord will stretch forth Your strong scepter from Zion, saying,
“ Rule in the midst of Your enemies.”

In this Psalm it is prophesied that Christ will rule from a resting position; seated on His throne. The ascension of Christ placed Him in that position of authority where He sits. As I mentioned yesterday, we have been raised up with Him, and seated in the heavenly places with Him. You see in the areas of stewardship we have been given, we must too learn to rule from a resting position, or we will try to rest from a ruling position. Huh? Only as we appropriate our elevated resting place in Christ will we be able exercise our stewardship in life from a place of peace. If we don’t rule from rest, we will try to find rest(peace)through ruling. In others words we will try to rule(control) everything, and everybody around us to find peace. If you live like that, you will live in constant anxiety, anger, and frustration trying to control everything. It’s much better to live from a place of peace than trying to live for a place of peace. Rest is our starting place, not our goal. Life is a lot easier that way.