One Thing 5/12/12

Who does God fill? I’m always interested in watching the talented, the gifted, and the intelligent, but I’m always impacted by the God-Filled. We often think that the most important people around us are the super talented, but the reality is, a God-Fiiled man or woman are the most indispensable of all. It’s the Anointed that blaze eternal trails in this fallen world, not the Smart. There is nothing wrong with being smart, or talented, but without being God-Filled they are just interesting. So, again, who does God fill? God fills the hungry and the thirsty. That’s the qualification. Don’t let the devil tell you that God can’t use you because you aren’t smart enough, or talented enough. If you are desperate for Him, then you are the qualified because you are the ones God will fill. That levels the playing field. Actually it puts the smart, and talented at a disadvantage because they have a tendacy to rely on there natural gifts and not be as hungry and thirsty as others. Many of the most powerful men and women of God throughout Church history were the last in their class, but they were the first in the School of Hunger and Thirst for God. How much do you need Him? How much do you long for Him? That’s the measuring line in God’s hand. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for their’s is the Kingdom of God. In the words of the commercial, if you want to be God-Filled then, STAY THIRST MY FRIEND.