One Thing 4/5/13

One of the primary phrases used in the New Testament to define and describe who we are is the term, “In Christ.” Paul expresses the idea of being “In Christ,” 27 times in the book of Ephesians alone. At the heart of being “In Christ,” is a deep understanding that you are a cherished Bride, living before a passionate Bridegroom. God doesn’t just “Accept you in the Beloved,” you are His Beloved. You are cherished not just accepted. Being confident in this truth gives you courage to be bold in your obedience; to go deep in your love for Him. God isn’t stoic and distant in His holiness, instead, He has God-sized deep feelings for you. So much so, that He says just one look from your eyes (just one movement of your heart toward Him, even if weak, and imperfect) ravishes His heart. You live in a constant environment of being cherished by a Lovesick Bridegroom, though many if not most don’t realize it, or just won’t embrace it, thus never get to experience the wonders and freedom of feeling cherished by Him. Ask God to reveal His true feeling for you, so like David, even in failure and under discipline, you can be confident in your feelings, that He cherishes you.