One Thing 427/12

Sometimes I hear about Movers, Shakers, and Players. These are people, usually Men of influence and power. They have Alpha personalities and know how to make things happen. These are the kind of people who are builders and high achievers. They are not easily moved, because they are leaders, and are a lot better at telling others what to do than being told.
Our God is the ultimate Mover, and Player in that He is the greatest leader and achiever ever, and yet He is also the Greatest Lover of all time. That’s what so sets Him apart from all other Players. This Movers heart can be moved, and this Players heart has strings that can be played. Do you know what moves the ultimate Mover? You!! Your love for Him expressed in obedience and worship moves His great heart. The most powerful Mover, the Great Lion of Judah, revealed His Lambs heart for you and me, and with every single glance from you, and every simple act of love expressed through obedience moves His heart; actually ravishes it. Seems to me, that from Gods perspective, the biggest Movers, Players, and Shakers on the earth are the simple Christians who truly love Him.
Have a great day moving the Mover.