One Thing 3/19/13

Song of Solomon 2:5, says “His banner over us is love.” A banner speaks of many things, but one of the things it represents is LEADERSHIP. Think about that, God’s leadership over you is LOVE. That banner is always standing over you, and is always leading your life. A banner waves over our heads, and sometimes we don’t notice it, unless we look UP, but it is always there. God’s leadership is always there, and He is always leading us in love. Many times things happen that don’t make sense, and don’t line up with what we were expecting, and even believing for. In those times it is easy to entertain an offended heart toward God. We can even allow bitterness, and resent to settle in for years, robbing us of confidence, and joy in God. If only, particularly in those confusing times, we could remember that He was still leading us in Love, even though fallen men, and the devil were involved in situations. Above all the dark clouds, there is, and always was, a banner of love, waving above it all. It, after all, is His story, and His story is about a lovesick Bridegroom bringing about His intended purposes for His set apart Bride. Even when it doesn’t make sense, remember His Banner over you, leading you, is love. Even if you can’t see the banner, know that it is there, and you will see it all, and how it all fits into His plan of love, one day. Go ahead and believe it, celebrate it, for it is gloriously true.