One Thing 3/19/12

Last week the Holy Spirit spoke this to me; “The Lord is trying the hearts of men and women on the earth to raise up a drunken army whose hearts are intoxicated with the love of Christ.” There will be a longer prophetic word about this coming later, but I wanted to share a few thoughts first because the word meant so much to me. As you might know, the theme of the Song of Solomon is Lovesickness. It’s about a lovesick Bridegroom looking for a lovesick Bride. Jesus doesn’t want a Bride whose heart is casual toward Him. He wants a Bride whose passion for Him is fierce and unrivaled. When a person is lovesick their minds don’t work quite right because they are crazy in love. They do all kinds of extravagant things that are very costly because all they can think about is being in love and expressing their hearts in open and excessive ways. This what Jesus is longing for; a Bride (The Church) that is head over heels, crazy in Love with Him, that will live excessive lives for the sake of love. If your love for Jesus has reached the lovesick level, you will live extravagant, expensive, expressive, excessive, and exclusive lives for Jesus. He doesn’t want part of our hearts, He wants it all. There is a phrase in Latin, Totus Tuus, which means “Totally Yours.” This is what Jesus longs for, an army whose battle cry is TOTUS TUUS. I don’t know about you, but I want to be part of that army. Have a great day being totally His.