One Thing 3/16/13

I often hear people speak of “clinging to Christ,” and I’ve said it from time to time myself. I understand what’s being communicated in the phrase, and it is good, but the reality is, He is clinging to us. If it is all about my clinging then there is no rest, because if I relax at all, my hands might slip. We only found Him because He sought us, and we are only safe because He is the one holding us tight. Spiritual, and emotional rest is the result of knowing I’m in His grip today, and He won’t let go. As long as a drowning man struggles he can’t be rescued, but if he will rest in the arms of his rescuer he will be saved. Jesus doesn’t just save us for eternity, He saves us from ourselves, and our tendency to sink everyday. Our role is to rest in His strong grip, and let Him do it. Every time you feel like your sinking, just quietly remember that the One who died for you has got you in His strong arms, and He will never let go.