One Thing 3/15/12

Jesus said in Mark 5 “Fear not; only believe.”
The problem that we often have in learning to walk in faith is that fear is so real. You can feel fear, and it can be powerful feelings that are so overwhelming they snuff out all other realities. Faith, on the other hand is something you know because God has shown you something, but it’s hard for something you know to compete with something you feel. I believe winning this particular battle when what you know stands in contrast to what you feel, goes a long way in propelling you into participation in the activity of God at the highest levels. When God has spoken something to you that is reality. That is substance, not fear. No matter how strong the feelings of fear are, they are liars. Those feelings of fear aren’t reality. They feel real, but they don’t reflect reality, and they must be ignored. Faith is substance, and you must choose to confess and act on the truth, not on the fear you feel as truth. Feelings are meant to be followers not leaders. We must learn to live by the words that proceed out of the mouth of God, not by what fear, or what we feel. Often, what we feel is attached to what we see, and hear, but reality is base on what we know God has said. Don’t allow the feelings of fear to challenge the Lordship of Christ in your life. He is the I AM. Fear is the AM NOT, so ignore fear and live by the substance of faith