One Thing 3/13/13

Paul, in Rom.6, tells us to consider ourselves dead to but alive to God in Christ. What if someone were talking to you about their sin and asked you if you struggled with the same thing would you say to them, “Na, I’m dead to that.” That would sound so arrogant and insensitive, but it would be the truth. Paul said the Old Self (Old Man) who was a slave to that sin, and any sin, died on the Cross with Christ and was buried with Him, and a New Self, in union with the all conquering Risen Christ, was raised up with Him. That’s the truth. It’s not pretense, or just a positive confession. It’s what Christ has done for you and it is the truth about you. Remember, faith is substance, not hope. If God says something is true, then it is true, period, regardless of you feelings, or experience. Faith doesn’t make anything real, instead it stands on, and declares a reality that already is. Now because of our faith, that which is real in the unseen realm, becomes real in the seen realm. Again, you are absolutely dead to sin. Own that, declare that, and never feel like a phony to tell someone that. The Holy Spirit will validate your faith.