One Thing 3/13/12

Song of Solomon 6:3 says,” I am my beloved’s and he is mine.” The words in this verse express a fulfillment of the thirsting heart of Christ revealed on the cross. In John 19 Jesus cried from the cross, “I Thirst.” Of course, this was not a cry of physical thirst, instead this was a cry of the infinite thirst of God to love and heal fallen and broken humanity and to be loved back. The one thing that God does not have, and yet longs for, are the affections of human hearts freely given to him. We were created to have a love relationship with God. Therefore, only when we are receiving His affections, and are giving back to him the extravagant affections of our own hearts, are we truly fulfilling our destiny as human beings. That’s why I love this verse in Song of Solomon 6, because it seems to express the heart of one who really gets it. For a heart to be able to say I am my Beloved’s is a heart that is saying “that I have received and embraced those affections for me.” It is a heart that has come to discover the love of God and has embraced His powerful affections. As a result this heart is able to also say, “And He is mine.” The Shulamite in response to His great love, is loving Him back. When we are at that place, which is an ever growing place, we are being and doing what we are created for. In that environment of Holy affection received and given, we are being as successful as a human being can be, because we are fulfilling our destiny. This is why our One Thing calling is to behold His Beauty. As we behold His beauty we encounter the beauty of His mad, and extravagant love for us, and in response we fall madly in love with Him.
I pray that today you’ve given yourselves to a life of discovering the affections of God, so that you can say with the Shulamite those words of a deeply satisfied life, “I am my Beloved’s, and He is mine.”
Have a great day In Christ.