One Thing 2/5/12

Everybody longs to be special especially to someone of importance. We want to belong, but more than just belong, we need to be adored by the one we belong to. We also Long to matter in the grand scheme of life. We are created for impact, not just existence. We want to make a difference; be heroes and heroines in the winner takes all cosmic conflict that our fallen world has been plunged into. There are two great metaphors used in the New Testament to describe who we are and what we are called to.
The first metaphor is being the Bride of Christ. Not wife, but Bride. He is always calling us back to First Love in relation to Him, because that’s where He constantly lives in relation to us. He is Song of Solomon says in 7:10 “I am my Beloveds and His desire is for me.” You are the relentless object of His great affection. He doesn’t just love you, He adores you. He pursued you through the ages, until He stepped out eternity into time, and with the joy of having you as His own set before Him, He paid the ultimate price. He was driven by an in comprehensible love, and Deut. 7 says you are His special treasure. He is truly a Lovesick Bridegroom. Ephessians 3 says that as we grow in revelation and experience of the Love of God we become more and more filled with the fullness of God; consumed by, overwhelmed with, lost in, and inebriated with His presence and glory. What a consciousness to live in.

The other great metaphor is being the Body of Christ. For Jesus to be able to walk this earth and reveal the Father He needed a body, and what an adventure He lived through that body. For Him to reveal Himself on the earth now He still needs a body, and we are it. Just think, you are the body through which Jesus lives. Let your imagination run wild. What potential, what adventure, what IMPACT. Just think, to go to bed every night with joyful anticipation of all He is going to do tomorrow. Going to sleep knowing that as His body your life will matter tomorrow as He continues through you seekng and saving that which is lost in all people. Clothing youself in the Great Super Hero Jesus. To wake every morning yielding your body to Him for His use, thanking Him that your feet are His to walk with, your hands are His to work with, your ears are His to hear with, your mind is His to think with, your lips are His to speak with, and your heart is His to love with. What an adventure this Christian lif is. Have a great Sunday celebrating the Gospel.