One Thing 2/17/13

It hard to trust what you don’t know. It’s hard to trust someone you don’t know. The more time I spend with a person, who claims to be trustworthy, the more I discover for myself whether or not that person truly is. My spiritual Father used to say about spending time with God and growing in faith that “You have to spend time enough, often enough, until you know enough.”Faith comes by hearing the word of God. John 10 makes it very clear that Jesus’ Sheep hear His voice. It’s obvious that we, as His Sheep, are wired to hear His voice, but even though the equipment to hear His voice is given to us at our New Birth, we still have to develop those spiritual muscles. If we are going to do the extravagant exploits of God that we are called to walk in then it’s imperative that we grow in faith. You already had enough faith to appropriate the grace of God to be saved, which is an extraordinary miracle, just imagine what could happen if your faith just grew to mustard seed size. Besides all the amazing transformational things that happen to us by lingering in His presence, becoming extremely sensitive to His voice is one of the best. In your pursuit of the heights familiarity doesn’t breed contempt, it breeds living faith.