One Thing 12/17/12

Yesterday was Gaudete Sunday when intentionally turn toward “rejoicing” as we draw closer to celebrating the incarnational miracle of Christmas. Advent means ” coming, or to come,” and as we approach the wonders of His coming our perspectives of reality, and our daily hopes are transformed again. C.S. Lewis said, “I believe in Easter just as much as I believe in the rising of the sun; not just because I can see it, but because by it I can see everything else.” That is so powerful, but I believe that statement could also be made about Christmas, and in some ways, on a personal daily level, even more so. Without Easter, Christmas is incomplete, but without Christmas, Easter only has a future hope attached to it, and not a daily hope. You see Easter promises the power of Resurrection, but Christmas tells us that this resurrection life and power can wrap itself in the swaddling clothes of my week humanity and change my identity, and ability to face life, and live godly today. In the Incarnation we are told that Deity can cloth itself in Humanity, thus revealing to us the Mystery of Godliness. This is what the New Birth is all about; Incarnation. Every time someone is Born Again, that’s exactly what happens; a person gets a new life, because Christ Himself, by the power of The Holy Spirit, comes to live inside of that person, thus the miracle of Incarnation happens again. Just as Easter fulfills Christmas, truly Christmas fulfills Easter. I woke this morning thanking Him for the miracle of His life in me, and the power of that Life that I was going to experience all day today living through me, which by the way, transforms everything. I don’t have to wait to experience all the wonders of Heaven because of Easter; I can know much of the wonders of Easters hope of Heaven today because of Christmas.