One Thing 1/2/13

Song 4:9 Thou hast wounded my heart, my sister, my spouse, thou hast wounded my heart with one of thy eyes, and with one hair of thy neck.

I love this particular version of this verse because it speaks of His ruined heart for you and me. Only the one who had laid his head on the breast of Christ recorded the piercing of the heart Jesus in John 19. Jesus forever lives with a wounded heart for mankind. He has an open wound of love that will never go away, from which a fountain of passion and affection flows. His heart has been eternally ruined for us, and His ravished affection, anticipating our single glance, and single strand of heart response, is realized in His piercing, as He had done all to win our devotion. Listen to this verse from Jeremiah 10, “Woe is me, because of my ruin, my wound is incurable, but I said, truly this is a sickness, and I must bear it.” Amazing!!! He loves us so much. He cried out “I thirst” from the Cross longing for us to receive His love and to love Him in return. We, who live before an audience of One, are called to live ravishing His giant heart, and saturating His great thirst for love everyday as the dream of our lives. This is the measure of a successful day and life. There is no greater plan, or purpose for your life and mine. To love Him every moment without offense, in heart response to His great love, is our success and fame before this audience of One.