One Thing 11/10/12

Nahum 1:7 tells us that God’s presence causes upheaval. Even mountains melt like wax at the presence of The Lord. Whenever I spend undistracted time with Him, at His footstool, it always causes upheaval in my life. It is a glorious upheaval, even if sometimes painful. The beauty of The Lord is dangerous. It never leaves you the same. If you read the gospels you will notice that Jesus always healed, and spoke life altering truth while at the same time creating conflict, disruption, controversy, and destroying all things casual. I so love that about Him. When I sit at His feet, and behold His beauty, His presence never leaves me the same. The upheaval He creates always leaves me transformed, inflicted with a groaning for more. The Lord is going to transform His Church in America and around the world, and He’s going to do it the way He always does it, through upheaval. When you put water in a bottle and add some food color to the liquid, the only way to transform the liquid, by making the food color and water one, is to shake the container. When you shake the outside container, the content within also gets shaken and it is transformed because the shaking make the water and color become one. Welcome to SHAKING TIME, UPHEAVAL TIME. God is going to transform the heart of His Church. He is going to make our hearts one with His. He is going to bring about His promised Revival. This is God’s story. He is the One who is, Who was, and Who is to come. He is reading His story concerning Human history. It’s time to stop reporting the Devil’s story as if his story is front page material. Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, and radical Muslims are not front page stuff. We need to stop practicing the presence of the Devil and practice the presence of our God who is still securely on His throne, ordering the affairs of man kind, and accomplishing His glorious purposes. It’s ok to give brief news flashes about what the Loser(the Devil) is up to, but then let’s go back to reading and reporting the real HEADLINE that always reads “OUR GOD REIGNS.” The upheaval is coming, and the transformation it brings will happen. Our greatest days, as God’s chosen treasure, are ahead. GAME ON!!! It’s what we’ve all been waiting and longing for.