One Thing 10/5/12

In Revelation 1:12, says that when John heard a loud voice, like the sound of a shofar, he turned to see the voice, and when he did, he saw things that he had never seen before. He saw Christ in such stunning beauty and glory that all he could do, in response, was fall down at Hs feet as a dead man. Jesus laid His right hand on him repeatedly saying “don’t be afraid.” All of that happened simply because he turned to the voice, to behold the One who was speaking. This is what our prayer life, our footstool time should be like; hearing the Voice calling, like a trumpeting shofar, and turning to see the voice, and whenever we do, beholding the Beautiful One. Whenever we behold Him, we will always see things that we’ve never seen before, causing us to fall down at His feet in freshly ignited worship and surrender. Sounds like Mary Magdelen’s portion doesn’t it. I’m often at His feet, in response to His beauty, trembling in awe and gladness, with Him comforting me, and telling me to not be afraid in the presence of His unapproachable light, and radiance. It’s become my true home, where I don’t belong, and yet where I more truly belong than any home I’ve ever known. Beloved, turn to the voice, always turn to the voice, and be changed, ruined forever.