One Thing 10/24/12

Yesterday, we were talking about our prayer life, I call it my footstool time, where we are on the transparent sea of sapphire crystal, that is mixed with fire, before the throne of God, beholding His beauty. How many times have you longed to be yourself before someone, but were so afraid of rejection, you couldn’t be yourself. You were afraid to say the wrong thing, or afraid that if you were really transparent, and they found out what you are really like, they wouldn’t love you. How many of you long to not be reserved in your love? How many long to be loved fiercely for who you are by someone who really knows your deepest thought and longings. To love, and be loved by someone whose heart burns like an eternal furnace, without the need for any pretense, is like being immersed in an endless ocean of transforming affection, and not just acceptance, but celebration. This is the experience all of us are invited into when the Holy Spirit entices us to pray. As you open yourself up to the beauty realm of God, you will find more and more that the temptation to pray becomes overwhelming. The intoxicating environment of the sapphire sea is extremely addictive. To experience, love, acceptance, and transparent celebration like that simply becomes an irresistible obsession. PRAY! It’s the most fascinating thing you will ever do.