One Thing 10/18/12

The more I walk with Him the more amazed I become with Hs genius. Even though I will never fully understand how He is working everything together for good in this life time, the older I get, the more I see, as God works things over time and space. As the Slain Lamb, the One with proven tenderness, reads my story, the chapters all start coming together. If you just read an isolated chapter it often doesn’t make much sense, but over time as the chapters build on each other, you begin to think, “wow, ok, now I get it.” The challenge for us is to trust the Slain Lover of Our Soul, as He tells our story one page at at time. That’s how we live it, one page at a time, and therefore, without it all making sense yet, we have to trust the One whose eyes of fire are fixed on us with a burning love, and a slaughtered heart. Paul said that we are letters of Christ, written by the Spirit of the living God. His genius, and proven tenderness guide His pen as He writes and tells our history, which of course is HIS-story. Remember this, that no matter how painful and confusing any single chapter maybe, He always tells stories that are full of mystery, that all come together, and that have gloriously happy endings. This is the destiny of all those who love God, and are called according to His purpose.