One Thing 10/11/12

Song of Solomon 6:5 says that God lives in the midst of a storm. Gods’ heart is a violent storm of passion and delights. In Ezekiel 1:4, having just had God speak a word expressly to him,and experiencing His touch, Ezekiel saw a storm wind coming, described as “a great cloud with fire flashing forth continually, and a bright light around it.” This is what it’s like to be in the presence of The Lord; experiencing the great storm of His heart. When in His presence, He speaks to us, He touches us, and draws us into realm and environment of the violent storm of His heart of passion and delights. When I use the word violent, I of course use it to describe God’s heart in the most extraordinary, and wonderful way. There is nothing casual about God and His heart. His heart is a FIRESTORM, and to caught in close proximity to His presence is to ravaged, and ruined by that Great Stormy Heart. Nahum 1, says that God’s presence causes upheaval, and every time we get in His presence there will be glorious upheaval, that stirs, and fascinates the human beyond repair. To ride that storm is so amazing, and so life changing. Just think of the most intense, exciting, beautiful, joyfully frightening, healing, transforming, landscape altering storm you can imagine, and it’s bigger, and better than that. It will leave you trembling in gladness and holy fear. It’s enough to make you want to fall down and cry HOLY, HOLY, HOLY.