Month of Adar

The 11th of February marks the beginning of the twelfth month in the Hebrew calendar called Adar.  It is a double month, Adar I being 28 days in length and Adar II which a leap year.  The patriarch of this month is Naphtali which means ‘sweetness is to me’.   This word that the Lord gave me I believe it is a word that will affect our lives.  It is not just a word for Christ the King or for Selma but beyond.   These are the things you can expect God to be doing in the body of Christ and on the earth.  These are things that will be very real for you so yu need to own these.  You need to pay attention, you need to follow the invitation of God and expect things to be prophetically occurring between the 11th of February and the 11th of March.

There is one great festival during the month of Adar called Purim.  Purim is connected to the book of Esther and therefore Adar is connected to the life of Esther.  It is really important to spend time in the book of Esther as God is going to speak great things to you.

The word Adar means strength, it is the 12th month, 12 being connected to government, it is the number for fulfillment and pardons.  Timothy 6:15 say: “which He will bring about at the proper time—‘He’ who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords”.  This is the month we are going to discover and realize once again that ‘He’ is the only sovereign God.  The devil is not a co-equal, he not in a hand to hand battle with the enemy who might win.  He is the only sovereign God; He is the King of kings and Lord of Lords.  Some of you are going to come out of a place where you have felt Gods face has been hidden from you and where God is going to rise up and prove to you he is the only sovereign God.

It is also a month to celebrate great victories over the enemy, during this time the plans of the enemy will be ended and over ruled.  Adar is a time of fasting and every year occurs during the time of lent.  Adar is connected with the book of Esther.  If you remember the story, king Ahasuerus picked Esther to be his queen because she was the most beautiful of women and he appointed Haman to be his vice president.  Haman hated Mordechai because he wouldn’t bow to him.  Mordechai was uncle of Esther and a godly man.   As the story unfolds, Haman plots to kill Mordecai and all the Jews, he cast lots in order to pick a day where all the Jews in all the world would be destroyed.  He deceives king Ahasuerus into preparing a decree that would kill all of Gods people.   Mordechai discovers the plot and goes to Queen Esther to plead with her to talk to the king and tell him of the plot but she told him that she was afraid for her life.  She finally came to a place of total surrender where she says those remarkable words: ‘if I perish, I perish’.  This is a time where God revisits us which is the same as lent; how far are you willing to go giving up your own will, your own way where you come to your ‘Esther season’ and you say to God ‘if I perish, I perish’ and I’ll risk it all for you.  That’s what lent and the month of Adar is all about.   Esther eventually goes to the king, has a banquet for him and tells him what’s going to happen. He had made a decree and the decrees of the Mede’s and Persian’s cannot be revoked.  The king said to Esther he could not revoke the decree but tells her and Mordechai to write their own decree that would supersede and overrule the decree already written against the people of God.  So they did and before the day came when the Jews were all going to be destroyed the decree went out stating that any Jew who thought someone was going to do them harm could mount a pre-emptive strike against them which lead to approximately 8,000 Persians being killed.  Haman and his ten sons were hanged once the king found out that Mordechai had done something to bless him and this information was suppressed by Haman, the king blessed Mordechai and put him in Haman’s place.

This is a time where many people are going to receive their reward and will stand in righteousness and holiness between now and the 11th of March.  It is a time to fast.  Before the event happened Esther called all the Jews to fast for three days before acting on their decree and striking the Persians. This is a time of fasting, a time of sacrifice in your pursuit of God, it is a time of ‘if I perish I perish’.  It can be true fasting where you give up meals or something precious to you like chocolate or meats or fasting where you give up something you like to do, i.e. facebook! Fasting not because of legalism but because of love and of an attitude of ‘if I perish I perish’.  It is where you want to give Him something that costs you something during the six weeks of lent, because of our love for Him.

This is a time for fasting and writing down ‘your’ decrees.  There have been decrees written against you by the enemy, so if you know them, see them, if you have watched them happening in your life.  It is time to write your own decree, the decrees of God and it will supersede the decrees of the enemy.  We overcome by the blood of the lamb, by the word of our testimony; the words God gives you.  Do you love him even unto death?  It is important that you fast, that you declare a heart of ‘if I perish I perish’.  That I will no longer live halfhearted but my passion is to live whole heartedly for you, loving you with everything that I have.  This is a time when God will completely prevail over the enemy, sometimes at the last minute when it seems like it is too late.

It is a month of miraculous victories in fact it is the month of miracles, a month of dreams about miracles.  A month where you will have lots of dreams and these dreams will be filled with the purposes of God with signs to you of Gods victory.  If it seems that God has hidden his face for a long time in an area of your life suddenly victory will spring forth and it will be miraculous. On the 23rd of this month at sunset Purim begins, the word Purim means ‘lots’ because Haman cast lots to decide what day he would pick to destroy the people of God.  So Purim is about the enemy’s plans being overruled and where the serpent swallows himself.  When he falls into his own pit and his lottery fails.  Instead of you being destroyed, he is destroyed.  Instead of his plans prevailing, God’s plan prevails, and not only will the enemy loose but he will be humiliated.

This is also in the month where you will receive promotion in the spirit and you will see the people of God being promoted in the natural to places of influence – media and governments around the world. God is going to remove some ungodly surrogates, ungodly lieutenants and he is going to put in their place godly people.  It is going to be a time where betrayers, where the enemy has used men or women in your life who are planning your ruin and to injure; they will be exposed and defeated and it will turn against them.  We will see it in cities and places where people have betrayed the purposes of God and they are shooting them in the back and they also will be exposed.

It is also the time of the fish, where people who are important to you will come to Christ.  It is going to be a time of harvest.  A time of the ‘Uncle’.  Unrighteous underlords will be removed.  It will be true of business men in the body of Christ who have dependents who are betrayers, they will be exposed.

This is also a time where people with blood disorders will be healed.  Lymphoma, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, issues of the spleen, will experience great healing.  If you know of someone suffering with these or other blood disorders, call them and let them know that this is a great season of healing and they are going to be healed.

If you press in just a little bit towards God, he is going to press in a lot towards you.  Lent and the connection with Adar is no coincidence it is an amazing time.  Adar is a celebration and during the month one of the biggest festivals – Purim is celebrated – how God delivered his people his plans and plots of the enemy.  This is going to be a time of celebrating great victories over the enemy.

During this month of Adar get God’s decree and a heart of Esther ‘if I perish I perish’. We look to God for events not only around the world but in our own lives.  This is the most powerful season where you press in, having the heart of Esther and if God shows you something that has been holding you back – own it and confess it – you will receive his mercy.  Every time God takes an acre of your life, every time God takes an inch in your life it is a time to celebrate, one more millimeter of God is a time of celebration.