The 2 most important days in the satanic calendar for satanic worshippers are Halloween and May the 1st, known as May Day. The may-pole dance that children participate in is a demonic act of worship. On this day, May 1st, one of the 2 most evil days in the satanic calendar, Osama Bin Laden was killed. Also, on May 1st 1945, it was reported to the world that Adolph Hitler was dead.  If you were to ask almost anybody in the West who the two most evil men of the last 100 years were, almost all would say Hitler and Osama Bin-Laden.

The word “mayday” also represents something among seamen and pilots; the word “mayday” is a word of desperation, distress, that if you are in a life-threatening situation, the call is “mayday! Mayday!”

The word the Lord showed me is that we are in a time where ancient terrorists, that have terrorized our lives (that Osama Bin-Laden and Adolph Hitler represent), ancient terrorists who we thought would never go away, who would never stop terrorizing our lives (and we certainly never thought Osama Bin-Laden would ever get caught, we had pretty much given up on that), these evil ancient terrorists, these things that are lies, these things that have terrorized us for years, that we thought we would never get free from, the Lord is saying that if we will continue our desperate cry to Him of “mayday! mayday!”, we will see even suddenly, these ancient terrorists being destroyed and we being set free from their torment and their terrorism in our lives.