It’s Time to Rise Up

It’s time to rise up

It is time to rise up and launch an assault in the heavenly realm, against the strongholds, the kingdom of darkness in your life. It’s time to launch a rebellion and overthrow the trespasser king and to establish the rule of the rightful king and his government.
It’s especially time for those who have felt inadequate and limited and incapable to reach the summit. You have believed the lie that it’s not for you, it’s for others. You’ve believed the lie that it’s impossible or it’s too late or that the obstacles are too impossible and too powerful. It’s time for the weak and the defeated to rise up and engage the cosmic conflict again with holy boldness and determination to carry the banner of your conquering team. His banner over you will be love, your armor will be His presence, and your battle cry will be the name of Jesus. This is a campaign and therefore, there will be some setbacks, but the final victory is determined, if you will not shrink back and go into hiding again.
It is time to no longer accept the usurper king’s rule over one inch of territory of your life.
It is time to believe that you can win again and this time, at a record pace. This time you will do, in the Lion’s name, things never done before in your life, record victories. The enemy’s hatred for your soul, your life and his plans will be frustrated and he will be publicly humiliated in his defeat. It is time for a new constitution in your life, a new rule, a new government, a government of God.
Beware though; it’s the beginning of this campaign and as you try to rise up and launch a new assault, the enemy will try to stop you at the takeoff. Beware, the danger will be at the takeoff, at the beginning of the new assault. It’s there that the enemy will try to discourage and destroy your efforts.