Isaac time Update. 2/20/12

Isaac time – Update
Just recently, I posted a word called “Isaac time”. It was basically how God is going to get the last laugh, that there are things that seem to have gotten to a place where they are just never going to come to pass, promises or situations; but then you are going to discover that God wins and that he will get the last laugh so we are to keep standing and believing.
The update is this: the Lord showed me that there are going to be some late season huge snowfalls, even maybe record snowfalls in different places, not just around the country but around the world and it will be a sign that it’s not too late. That God will have the last laugh. It’s been a very mild winter in most places. There are going to be some huge snowfalls occurring late in the season and it’s going to be God’s sign that it’s never too late, but he does get the last laugh. So be looking out for those and see what they are when they come.