Hot Spots. God is in a SHAKING mood.


Whenever I sense these things, our prayers can impact these nations from several different directions. First if second heaven plans(schemes from the enemy)are involved then our prayers can stop, or limit them. Second, if God is shaking, or spotlighting a place, our prayers can help accentuate, and accelerate His purposes. The Lord is in a shaking mood. Everything that can be, is being shaken in dramatic ways. Our prophetic prayers can help shake 3rd Heaven plans, that have gotten stuck in the 2nd Heavens, unstuck out of the 2nd heavens, so they can fall to earth. It’s time for the Bride of Christ to exercise her authority and start Shaking things up. Sovereign God, who can do anything He wants, is waiting on the Bride to to take her place and learn to reign. He wont move without her. “The Spirit and the Bride say Come.”

I will post the whole word God is giving me about shaking soon.