God is raising the Roof 1/24/12

God is raising the roof
I heard the Lord say that he was raising the roof. I saw this vision of the roof being raised in a church, so high that you couldn’t even see the roof anymore. What I heard the Lord saying is that we have set ceilings in our worship, even the most free worship has had its ceiling, but God is now raising the roof so that when we lift our hands in praise to Him, our hearts to Him, our hearts and hands will now be lifted up into the 3rd Heaven We’ve heard about, and known about people who have come before the Lord and experienced being in the 3rd Heaven, and all the awesome things they experienced there. All around the world, we’re going to see God raising the roof for the whole body of Christ, and taking worship to a new place to where whole congregations of people are really lifted up to the 3rd Heaven, as their hands and hearts reach up in worship. It’s as if in the spirit, their hands are going to reach up and whole congregations of people are going to enter into a 3rd Heaven experience in their worship in that place, where God’s perfect will is always being done. As people reach up and enter into that place it will be a corporate throne room experience. It’s there,in the 3rd Heaven during the worship, that we’re going to start seeing massive amounts of people healed and delivered and set free, for the glory and the power exist there.
God is raising the roof. We’re in a time where worship is now moving to new heights. As much as we think we’ve come so far in worship and praise in the charismatic movement, God is now taking us to a new place, and he’s raising the roof so that now when we reach up to Him, when we lift up our hearts to Him, we’re going to find ourselves in the 3rd Heaven. While our hearts and hands are lifted up into the 3rd Heaven, it will affect everything that happens down here where our feet are planted on the earth. It will release the power and glory of God. We’re going to see so many signs and wonders and miracles manifested as our very fingertips and hearts transcend into the 3rd Heaven during worship. God is raising the roof.